Privacy Policy


All personal email addresses have been removed and have been replaced with a graphic that indicates whether the information is available from the webmaster

Please advise the webmaster if you wish your other personal data to be also replaced by a graphic which will indicate the existence of your data but will require an enquirer to request it from the webmaster.

If an enquirer is another member of the class of 65, the webmaster will release the information automatically. All other enquiries will be forwarded to you to deal with


If the personal data of a class member is shown by a graphic button, you will have to request that data from the webmaster by clicking on the button to send an email

If you are another member of the Class of 65, the webmaster will release the requested data to you automatically. Otherwise your request will be forwarded to the classmate in question for whatever action they choose

Click on continue to find a list of the members of the class of 1965

This list includes "lost" and "deceased" members to the best of our knowledge

Classmates, please review your personal information and that of lost colleagues and email updated information  to the class committee using the following link

   classlist update info

***Do not forget to advise us of any change to your email address***
A brief biography on yourself or a deceased member, if one is not already present, would be welcomed