The Award

The purpose of the Teaching Award at RMCC is to recognize excellence in teaching and to promote good teaching throughout the College. All academic faculty members (full-time, part-time and sessional) military and civilian, are eligible. Each year the students nominate a number of professors for the award. A Committee consisting of two student representatives, three faculty members and a Class of 1965 representative consult with nominators, department Heads and Deans before choosing the recipient. The award consists of a cash prize of $5000 donated by the Class of 1965, a certificate and a plaque. The prize is awarded to the winner in recognition of his/her “exemplary concern for students, dedication to teaching, enthusiasm in lecturing ”and his/her “ability to stimulate learning".

Recipients of this Award are held in high esteem by both their students and their colleagues at RMCC. The Award is presented at a public lecture to be given by the recipient every in the fall.

The History

The story of the Class of 65 Award for Teaching Excellence started in 1989 with a conversation between Classmates 6588 Steve Arnold, 6584 Keith Ambachtsheer, and 6592 Tom Barton about a possible Class of ’65 gift to RMCC to celebrate its 25th year reunion in 1990. Barton, an RMCC faculty member on medical leave, spoke eloquently about the importance of recognizing teaching excellence at RMCC. Arnold, on the Queen’s faculty, outlined how teaching excellence is recognized there. The idea of a teaching excellence award was discussed with RMCC Principal John Plant, who offered his enthusiastic support. A selection process was devised, and the financial recognition was set at $3,000.

The Class responded with enthusiasm, $15,000 was raised, and the launch of the Class of ’65 Teaching Excellence Award was announced. Steve Arnold joined the Award selection committee as Class rep. The Award became an immediate success, and has by some been described as ‘the best Class gift ever’. 

Five years later, with the 30th year reunion approaching, the Class decided to place the Award on a permanent footing through a $60,000 endowment. As the successful 1995 funding campaign drew to a close, originator Tom Barton lost his battle against cancer. RMCC Commandant and Classmate 6446 Charles Emond unveiled a plaque in the entrance to the RMCC Library celebrating the Teaching Excellence Award winners, and Tom Barton’s role in inspiring the Award. 5990 Dave Borrowman took over as Class rep on the Award selection committee. 

As part of the 35th reunion preparations, the Class undertook a vigorous discussion via email and concluded that it wished to set a new standard for class giving to the College by raising the Class of 65 Award for Teaching Excellence to $5,000 and providing additional funds in recognition of other examples of Academic Excellence at the college.  

The successful CAMPAIGN ‘2000’, lead by Keith Ambachtsheer saw 52 Classmates submit commitments totaling $149,000 providing an endowment which will support the $5,000 Class of 65 Award for Teaching Excellence on a permanent footing as well as providing additional funds to recognize other Academic Excellence at the college. 

In 2013 as a result of an initiative spearheaded by former RMCC Commandant and Classmate 6446 Charles Emond the first Class of 65 Teaching Excellence Award (TEA) was offered to members of the Royal Military College - Saint Jean (CMRSJ) faculty.  

The first recipient of the $1000 prize was chosen in May 2013 by a selection committee composed of members of faculty, students and the College military leadership, as well as our Class representative, 6401 Claude Belhumeur, a former member of the CMRSJ faculty.  

The Class of 1965 has set a new standard for class giving to the College and is proud to present to you the past Award Winners of the Class of 65 Award for Teaching Excellence which continues to have a major impact at the Colleges each year.